Seraphin Bernard

July 19th, 2008

A Silver Knight award winner, enterprising artist and recent college graduate has gone missing while swimming in South Africa, where he was working as a mentor.


I thought this was a joke at first. This is heartbreaking.

His website

by Steve

8 Responses to “Seraphin Bernard”

  1. moon

    at first, i thought its his new project !

  2. roxanne hadley

    very sad end to such a promising person

  3. Dong

    He must be in better place than this.

  4. motion detector

    seraphin we will truly miss you

  5. sherry

    I did not get a chance to meet Seraphin personally, but I know his Mom. I am saddened by this tragedy. I feel as if i have lost my own .

  6. Roberto M

    Here is another link I found which was recently on WSVN 7 News http://www1.wsvn.com/news/articles/local/MI93095/

    I had the privilege to meet and even hang out with Seraphin Jr. I didn’t know him very well but the the mutual friend (who I will leave nameless) that introduced us spoke nothing but great things about him. This is a friend which I trust and respect very highly so I immediately was looking forward to meeting Seraphin. After just one night with him I saw that he was a young guy with a very promising future.

    I heard what happened on July 13, 2008, less than one day after he was said to be missing, my heart immediately felt a slight pain. He left such and impact on me that I feel like I’ve lost a very close and good friend.

    My Heart and Prayers are with him and His family as they search for answers.

    Roberto M

  7. ellen coule

    I just got the news and I can’t believe this.

    I know Seraphin as someone with a heart so big; he seemed to give a helping hand in every way he could.

    I wish I had been able to spend more time with you, Seraphin. You made the times we spent together very memorable and I will always remember and be inspired by your own dreams and goals: to help others by using your strengths.

    My heart and prayers are with Tedd and his family.

    Ellen Coule

  8. L'Erin Asantewaa

    blessings to the family and friends.

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