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August 1st, 2008

Express our uniqueness and similarity as a number! lol.
Interested in getting one? Get it quick! Let’s order together…

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Site Intervention 2

July 29th, 2008

Design International

Site intervention

July 28th, 2008



July 28th, 2008

found at chainchange

Why America Is Fucked…

July 26th, 2008

(click image for movie)

Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Co. along with the folks over at Coudal are creating a three part documentary called Draplin Project, which obviously stars Aaron and I guess it’s going to be his thoughts on the world.

But what they’ve decided to do is give everyone a sneak peak of the film, with Mr. Draplin going on an amazing tirade of how design in America can seriously blow, and how we need to take back design and make it something amazing again. The clip is titled, Why America Is Fucked, and is really amazing, like I couldn’t agree with him more. It’s also filled with a lot of “fucks”, so if you’re sensitive you probably shouldn’t watch the video. As a sidenote, Aaron wrote a note to his parents with the video post, which I’d like to share with you all as well:

DEAR MOM AND DAD: I know you raised me well, and taught me how to speak and behave like an appropriate adult and all that, but, Jess asked the question and I got all fired up and then started swearing like a sailor. These things happen. Don’t excommunicate me.

link KN

Ponoko (about) is for physical things what Lulu is for books and what CafePress is for t-shirts. You create a design for, say, a chair, upload it to Ponoko’s site, and list the chair for sale. When someone likes your chair and pays for it, Ponoko laser-cuts the pieces out of a range of materials, packs them up and ships them to the buyer. Or to you, if you want to assemble the pieces first. You can buy product plans created by other people and, depending on the license, customize them to make and sell something new.

What if there were no stop signs and a major corporation was charged with inventing one?

Design LAB

July 23rd, 2008

Design LAB website built with indexhibit.

Noise Awareness Billboards

July 23rd, 2008

a set of giant posters located in Madrid, London, Berlin, Brussels & Milan that monitor the noise level on a high-traffic roads. ambient noise levels are displayed via decibel meters connected to LED screens embedded in billboards, in homage to Noise Awareness Day (April 16). the posters were part of AEG-Electrolux’s advertising campaign supporting its new silent washing machine. the accompanying Web site also compares decibel levels of the major urban areas on line graphs to learn more about the detriments of noise pollution.

“Local school kids are taking it a step further and are deliberately shouting at the sign in unison in order to make the numbers change. The Manager of the night club is finding the poster helpful too – he is taking photos of the sign in the early hours of the morning to show the local council that he is not making too much noise.”

link: infosthetics.com

World Science Fair Logo Animation

click for website

Seraphin Bernard

July 19th, 2008

A Silver Knight award winner, enterprising artist and recent college graduate has gone missing while swimming in South Africa, where he was working as a mentor.


I thought this was a joke at first. This is heartbreaking.

His website

Message to airport security

July 19th, 2008

T.S.A. Communication is a project that alters the airport security experience and allows the government to learn more about you then just what’s in your backpack. Thin 8.5 x 11 inch laser-cut sheets of stainless steel comfortably fit in your carry on bag, simultaneously obscuring the contents you don’t want the TSA to see while highlighting ideas you do want them to see. Change your role as air traveler from passive to active.

JooYoun Paek

July 16th, 2008


Polite Umbrella


Self Sustainable Chair

more work

The Big Picture

July 10th, 2008

The Big Picture is a photo blog for the Boston Globe/boston.com, compiled semi-regularly by Alan Taylor. Inspired by publications like Life Magazine (of old), National Geographic, and online experiences like MSNBC.com’s Picture Stories galleries and Brian Storm’s MediaStorm, The Big Picture is intended to highlight high-quality, amazing imagery - with a focus on current events, lesser-known stories and, well, just about anything that comes across the wire that looks really interesting.”

In other words, this photoblog is packed with a brilliant selection of mind-blowing images.
Guaranteed to keep you checking back for more.


July 8th, 2008

work of Taeyoon Choi, a resident artist at EYEBEAM who has been really great to know and give advice at Interactivos?

creator of the Camerautomata the tourist photo-taking duck.
below is a game called “Shoot me if you can” which utilizes camera phones as guns to capture enemies phone number.

Eyebeam Summer Workshops

June 29th, 2008

Dates: July 1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 19, 22, 6PM
Location: Eyebeam, 540 W. 21st St., NYC

Eyebeam Summer School is an annual adult workshop series designed to encourage the creative use of technologies for personal expression, activism, communication and community involvement. For more information and to register, email: bookstore AT eyebeam DOT org.

Tuesday, July 1: Illegal Billboard Workshop with IllegalSigns.ca and The Anti-Advertising Agency. Presenter: Eyebeam senior fellow Steve Lambert.

Activists estimate that half the billboards in New York City are illegal. Worth millions in profit, outdoor advertising has become a corporate black market that doesn’t stop short of breaking the law to get your attention. On July 1, the Anti-Advertising Agency and Rami Tabello of IllegalSigns.ca will lead a free workshop on how to identify illegal advertising and get it taken down. Canadian activist group IllegalSigns.ca is responsible for the removal of more than over 100 illegal billboards in Toronto. Rami Tabello will reveal how the billboard industry gets away with breaking the law and will offer suggestions on what New Yorkers can do to stop it locally. To sign up, email: workshop AT antiadvertisingagency DOT com

Thursday, July 3: Eyebeam senior fellows Steve Lambert and Jeff Crouse will lead a workshop on A Basic Sentence Markup Language (ABSML)—an artist statement generator—and a new email spam-inspired project to Keep an Army Recruiter Busy.

Tuesday, July 8: New Tools for Collaborative Practice. Presenters: Eyebeam senior fellow Steve Lambert; Mushon Zer Aviv and Dan Pfeiffer; NOR_/D: Eyebeam Production Lab fellow Addie Wagenknecht with Stefan Hechenberger.

* Subversion (SVN): a version control system used to maintain current and historical versions of files for source code, web pages, and/or documentation—like a wiki, but for code.
* Shiftspace: an open source layer above any website. It seeks to expand the creative possibilities currently provided through the web, allowing for the creation of online contexts built in and on top of websites.
* TouchKit: a modular multitouch development kit with the aim to make multitouch readily available in an open source fashion. Learn the basics of how to set up your own multitouch system, the supplies you need and where to get them. We supply the open source API, schematics, source code and demo applications.

Thursday, July 10: What do artists and audiences think of interactivity? Presenter: Beryl Graham.

Taking pictures of Tourist

June 29th, 2008

The Duck that takes a picture of you taking a picture of the Duck
project by Taeyoon, a resident eyebeam.


Read Times Article

To see their exhibition at a mimic MOMA website of their own. “Down to Nature”

Flatland: The Movie

June 11th, 2008



June 10th, 2008


AIGA: Linked By Air.

June 10th, 2008


Wednesday 11 June 2008 6:30–8:00PM
Apple Store, Soho
103 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012

Linked by Air is the graphic design partnership of Tamara Maletic and Dan Michaelson. They often focus on the production of public space, both physical and online. Design and technology are intertwined inventive processes in their work. Some of their recent projects include: the Yale School of Art website, a modular wiki that is managed by all members of the school; the AIGA’s “365” exhibition in New York, which could be rearranged by its visitors; and a website which grades the environmental performance of 149 countries according to 38 metrics, and enables visitors to explore the results through a set of interactive graphics. Dan and Tamara previously worked at the design firms Pentagram and 2×4, and at the Museum of Modern Art. Tamara teaches at the Parsons School of Design, and Dan is on the faculty at Yale University.

Join AIGA and Apple for the series, “Pro Sessions: Design Remixed,” and hear how professionals today are redefining their creative process. Featured speakers will share their insights into the changing landscape of design and discuss how design has evolved and creativity has diversified beyond any single discipline.


Yoon Seok Yoo

June 7th, 2008

Check out his faxing and other videos here

Advanced Beauty from mate on Vimeo.

Alone in Tokyo HD from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

SATI audiovisual : “Pic vert Attack” from Jesse Lucas on Vimeo.

flicflex concept from chriswoebken on Vimeo.

Brokenbeat Promo [05.03.08] from Accent Creative on Vimeo.



I’m trying to compile a things we can go see and do. Feel free to add.
And let’s see which ones we are interested in going to.

upcoming talks/events.
WEDNESDAY 21 MAY 2008 6:30 – 8:00PM
Design Remixed: Molly Wright Steenson

FRIDAY 23 MAY 2008 6:30 – 9:00PM
IN/VISIBLE: Graphic Data Revealed
Fresh Dialogue 24

Jeff Koons on the Roof
April 22, 2008–October 26, 2008

Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy
May 7, 2008–September 1, 2008

Take your time: Olafur Eliasson
April 20–June 30, 2008

New Museum
Paul Chan 7 lights
4/9/08 - 6/29/08
Third Floor

Brooklyn Museum
April 5–July 13, 2008


may 17 -20

(Members of the general public are welcome on Tuesday, May 20 when the ICFF is open to all comers. )

needs 50bucks tho

also new york design week



May 12th, 2008

WorkHearts is Cynthia Ratsabouth site who studies at MCAD, met her at ADC.

A digital filmmaker named Dennis Liu has made an amazing video for The Bird And The Bee’s lovely song “Again & Again”. The set? His Mac desktop. You sort of have to see it for yourself to understand; luckily, Dennis has dropped it on YouTube so that the world can see it in low-res glory.


Craig Oldham

May 6th, 2008


April 30th, 2008

Eno Henze

April 30th, 2008

Processing work is so beautiful and impressive, more with the right colors, interesting usage of shapes and very important, huge print format display. German artist Eno Hanze has showed that processing is not just for animation. He is translating his analogue experiences in digital work through VVVV.

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