OMD, a creative team with high innovation spirit, is based on multidiscipline and provides a comprehensive platform for curation, publication, designing and research. It tries all the means to explore more social energy for current designing. Thus initiatively OMD involves itself in many social production scopes, intending to give full rein to designing in every new field and node, meanwhile exploring the meaning of design.

In the field of designing practice, OMD claims to be the collaborator of social production, standing aloof from the traditional handicraft model. Whatever OMD is up to is based on science and reason. It emphasizes a proper designing method and program system, which should be set in accordance with the project itself. Meanwhile OMD is also the creator and explorer of contemporary aesthetics of new design.

Its members’ working backgrounds are set in Europe rather than in China. Before OMD was born, the members once worked independently as designers, writers, researchers, editors, curators, critics or artists, all of whom were rich-experienced in many fields. By now they are still active in the designing area. Their projects have drawn attention and are reported around the world.

In the future OMD will still dedicate itself to the practice, study, promotion and exchange of the designing culture.


by Nelson

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