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China Zine by Craig Atkinson

December 16th, 2010


Craig Atkinson
2007 [2010 2nd ed]
24 Pages
14 x 20 cm
b/w digital
Edition of 50

When asked, “Can the world learn anything from Chinese web design?” Lytous Zhou answered without hesitation: “Culture. The Chinese respect Dao, and we have our own set of values and mores. Websites targeted to the Chinese market should follow the online habits and aesthetics of Chinese users. For example, cultural symbols, calligraphic elements and festivities: all of these could be integrated into a Web design if applicable. A lake may just be a lake, but associating a fairy tale with a lake makes it prettier.”


Where is Mama(小蝌蚪找妈妈), is a short Chinese animated film produced by Shanghai Animation Film Studio in 1960 under the artistic guidance of Te Wei. The narrated film describes the adventures and misadventures of a group of tadpoles in search of their mother. It is one of Te Wei’s first attempts to break away from Western style animation and aim for a painterly style influenced by Qi Baishi and more in keeping with native Chinese aesthetic sensibilities. Because of its simple story line and repetitive script it is ideal for children who are beginning their study of the Chinese language.

While Western letterpress printing has made a recent revival, what was once considered one of the Four Great Inventions of Ancient China is no longer a sustainable practice in its country of origin.

read more: http://www.idsgn.org/posts/the-end-of-movable-type-in-china/
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Illegal Copying

June 18th, 2010


June 18th, 2010


Tokyo: A Japanese adult-film star, Anri Suzuki, says she has been giving out free sex sessions to Chinese students as a way of giving back for Japan’s World War II sins.

The bizarre situation was revealed today in the “Korea Times” newspaper.

24-year-old Anri Suzuki studied history at University, holding a Doctorate in the discipline.

Suzuki focused on the Japanese invasion of China, writing the paper, “The History of the Japanese Invasion into China.”

Anri Suzuki said she was so shocked to learn about her nation’s past that it was time to make up for her country’s early 20th century wrongs by giving back, one man at a time.

Anri Suzuki told the Korean Times: “We have to respect history and cannot obliterate it. I want to cure the wounds of Chinese with my body.”

“I think it is psychological compensation to them. Actually, Chinese students treat me more friendly and comfortably than Japanese.”

Between 1937 and 1945, China and Japan fought the Second Sino-Japanese War, resulting in the deaths of approximately 23 million people, including 18 million civilians.

Japan invaded China in the late 1930’s, the result of a decades-long Japanese imperialist policy aiming to dominate China politically and militarily.

OMD, a creative team with high innovation spirit, is based on multidiscipline and provides a comprehensive platform for curation, publication, designing and research. It tries all the means to explore more social energy for current designing. Thus initiatively OMD involves itself in many social production scopes, intending to give full rein to designing in every new field and node, meanwhile exploring the meaning of design.

In the field of designing practice, OMD claims to be the collaborator of social production, standing aloof from the traditional handicraft model. Whatever OMD is up to is based on science and reason. It emphasizes a proper designing method and program system, which should be set in accordance with the project itself. Meanwhile OMD is also the creator and explorer of contemporary aesthetics of new design.

Its members’ working backgrounds are set in Europe rather than in China. Before OMD was born, the members once worked independently as designers, writers, researchers, editors, curators, critics or artists, all of whom were rich-experienced in many fields. By now they are still active in the designing area. Their projects have drawn attention and are reported around the world.

In the future OMD will still dedicate itself to the practice, study, promotion and exchange of the designing culture.


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