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When Mini contacted New York City based karlssonwilker for campaign ideas surrounding the launch of the new Mini Coupe, we’re pretty sure they did not expect to produce a road trip through Europe.  And that’s precisely what karlssonwilker founders, Jan Wilker and Hjalti Karlsson convinced Mini to do. The pair, along with KW creative director Nicole Jacek, drove two Mini Coupés across southern Europe with a film crew and photographer making stops to meet with area creatives and document their adventure. They came up with the plan once they heard the ‘Another day, another adventure’ theme Mini was looking to develop ideas around.




November 26th, 2010

Do you ever want to share some photos, mockups or screengrabs with somebody else online quick and dirty? Go to DropMocks, drag and drop your images, and you are done. You get an instant image gallery that displays in CoverFlow style, along with a short URL to share it.

For instance, here is an example of a DropMocks I put together in 5 seconds by pulling some photos from my desktop. Same here with these screengrabs. You can name your gallery and save it, and that is pretty much it.

DropMocks is a side project of Glen Murphy, a UI designer for Google Chrome (both the browser and the OS). It is all done with HTML5 technologies. No Flash, just CSS and Javascript. It uploads and displays very fast. Please note, this is not for private sharing. Once you upload, anyone with the link can see your gallery.


Movie Title stills collection

November 24th, 2010

“I’ve seen a lot of movies over the years, and to prove I’ve sat through at least the first ten minutes of them I started making screenshots of the titles. Then my computer crashed and I almost lost them all. To save them for future generations I created this little website.”


When asked, “Can the world learn anything from Chinese web design?” Lytous Zhou answered without hesitation: “Culture. The Chinese respect Dao, and we have our own set of values and mores. Websites targeted to the Chinese market should follow the online habits and aesthetics of Chinese users. For example, cultural symbols, calligraphic elements and festivities: all of these could be integrated into a Web design if applicable. A lake may just be a lake, but associating a fairy tale with a lake makes it prettier.”


Denizen is an online magazine dedicated to Third Culture Kids, also known as TCKs.

What is this about?

Third Culture Kids are the citizens of the future. We possess the globalized views and diverse experiences that are necessary in a ever-shrinking world. We will be the leaders of tomorrow, and will help others navigate this globalized society.

Unfortunately, we also struggle with identity, relationships, visas and careers in our unique TCK way. Denizen’s journalists and artists will help us muddle through these challenges by fostering a virtual TCK community.

TCKs are rarely citizens of the places they live. Instead, they are denizens, people who are “admitted rights to residence,” people who become inhabitants after “regularly frequenting a place.” We’re hoping that Denizen will become your online home, one that you’ll regularly frequent to share your unique TCK experience with others who simply “get it.”

Check it out!

No Days Off

July 30th, 2008

Something looks familiar, can’t put my finger on it…


July 28th, 2008

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